Thursday, October 21, 2010

Autopsy of a Marriage – Part 2

The first chapter of He’s Just Not That Into You is titled, “He’s Just Not That Into You if He’s Not Asking You Out.” Hmmmm. . . .this is good information. My ex and I began our dating relationship when I asked him out to a movie. We lived in the same apartment complex and I had known him for several years. We had “hung out” together a fair amount. But I am the one who originally asked him for our first “date.”

I wish I’d had this information twenty-seven years ago. But, would I have followed that advice? Back in the early ‘80s women were supposed to be empowered and strong! We were supposed to get out there and go for the gusto!

Ah well. Live and learn.

How do I apply this knowledge to my life now? I wait. And wait. And wait. Because even if a man asked me out, I would have to say, “No.” I’m a married woman. Dating isn’t an option for now.

When the day comes that dating is an option, I’ll still be waiting. Because I deserve a man who is “into me” enough to ask me out. If God doesn’t bring a man like that to me, then I’ll be alone. I’m good with that. If I learned anything in my marriage, it’s that there are worse things than loneliness.

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