Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happy Divorce-aversary to Me!

I'm still alive. Really.

Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of my divorce. They (whoever they are), say that the first year is always the hardest after a major life change. I mostly agree with them. I feel like I've been marking time waiting for this year to end.

I was anticipating the end of the first year with great joy. I'm so happy to be free of my ex-husband. But on the day before the divorce-aversary I ended up feeling really, really sad.

When I got married I expected it to end when one of us died. I wanted to be the little old lady walking hand-in-hand with a little old man and smiling at the antics of our great-grandchildren.

It will never happen.

My life is not what I planned. I know that God isn't surprised, but I sure am.

How did I "celebrate" my divorce-aversary? This year I treated myself to a spa day. I had a facial AND a massage AND a salt scrub seaweed mud bath thingy. I felt totally pampered. It was a good day after all.