Tuesday, November 2, 2010

NaNoWriMo Update

I stopped, backed up, and did some more planning.  Middle of the second day and I'm up to 909 words.  It's starting to get better, but I keep wanting to edit.

I hope to get up to at least 2,000 words before I go to bed tonight.

It doesn't help that I'm selling at a used book sale on Saturday.  I have to sort & price books when I'm not writing or homeschooling or parenting.

This post sounds like whine, whine, whine to me.

I want you to know I'm having FUN anyway!!


  1. Glad you are going to go for it. I chickened out. This month just isn't going to work. One of these years I will join you in doing NaNoWriMo, Lord willing.

  2. Editing? I must edit. I can't just spew. I feel ya, dog.